About Us-TWLV Dublin Watches

Why TWLV Watches (12) ??

The Team at TWLV Watches in Dublin, collectively have over 50 years experience in all aspects of the Watch Industry from marketing, sales, distribution, design and horology.

We started this Gents Watch brand in 2017, originally selling TWLV into over 150 retailers throughout Europe.

In October 2019, we made a strategic decision to stop supplying retailers and sell directly online. Why did we make that decision? We knew bypassing Retail, would mean we could reduce our prices dramatically, and focus on online sales. Retailers have huge rents and rates and obviously need a good mark up to help pay the bills. They also need displays, brochures and help with marketing etc By cutting out all of these costs, we can now to take on, the over priced, BIG fashion brands. We now have a pricing structure that is unmatched in the industry.

Made for men, from stainless steel, TWLV Watches are simple, yet stylish and masculine, in an Industry currently dominated by ugly Smart Watches, and poor quality, ladies focused brands. 

Designed and assembled in Dublin Ireland, TWLV Watches aim to revolutionise the watch industry by going “back to basics” and continuing to manufacture watches, that the competition simply cannot match, for either looks, quality or price.

They will look, they will hate, and then they will copy! #backtobasics #twlvwatches #12